What is Airport to Airport Shipping?

Airport to Airport (AtA) shipping is moving cargo directly from one airport to another. It differs from door-to-door shipping (such as FedEx or UPS) in that the cargo must be delivered to and picked up by the deliverer and the recipient. However, pound for pound, it is a much cheaper way to transport than door-to-door shipping, even if you include the cost of a third-party trucking company that can drop off and pick up the delivery.

Airport to Airport shipping uses cargo terminals near airports to collect the cargo, usually delivered from trucking companies or some other third-party delivery service. The cargo is transported to a central hub, such as DFW International Airport, and then redistributed on subsequent flights around the country or around the world. When the cargo arrives at its destination, the recipient is notified and told to pick up the cargo from the airport warehouse.

We Guarantee the Flight You Choose

We know that your cargo is precious and that you want to make sure the right material is delivered to the right place. We have a logistics team that meticulously tracks each and every package to make sure that it arrives safe and sound. But just to give you that extra bit of assurance, we guarantee to put your cargo on the flight that you choose from the selection that we present to you. We want to make sure that you’re happy with the entire experience, so we’ll accommodate any preference that you have.

Approved GPS and Tracking Devices

Your package is tracked not just by the flight that it’s on, but by GPS on the package itself. Each item is monitored by satellite tracking via 24 satellites around the world and their stations on the ground. Today, GPS is everywhere, not just in planes and cars, but in our phones and watches. It’s easier than ever to identify exactly where your package is at all times and be assured that it is correctly on its route to the perfect destination. And GPS tells you more than just the location of the tracking unit, but the real-time speed and direction it’s traveling as well.

But GPS tracking is about so much more than just giving you peace of mind. GPS gives our logistics teams real-time data that we can use to direct and re-direct flights to allow planes to be more efficient, which not only gets your cargo to you faster but also with less waste and therefore cheaper. There are fewer mistakes, lower logistics costs, and better cost analysis. All of this means that Airport-to-Airport shipping is going to be faster and less expensive for the shipper.

Get Rates and Transit Times

Using Globitex’s Air Freight Platform, you can get instant, real-time quotes on your cargo shipments, and receive competitive air freight rates. We have a user-friendly system that doesn’t require you to make a call and wait on hold for a customer service representative to get a rate, but you can use our system at will, anytime, anywhere.

From our platform you can see everything at once: you can get a quote, you can confirm a shipment, make a payment, track your cargo in real-time seeing right where it is on the map. You can monitor multiple packages at one time, seeing detailed information about each one. You can communicate with the agents responsible for your package at both its origin and destination. And you can generate reports, Bills of Lading, AirWay Bills, and Cargo Manifests.

Of course, if you want a real person on the phone, we can take care of you there, too. We have impeccable customer service that will lay out all of your options for you and make sure that you’re getting everything exactly as you’d like it.

What to Expect

Our platform is completely free to use! You’ll only be charged for the services that you confirm. You only need to enter the details of your order to get a quote for the costs of transport, and after confirming the amount and processing payment, the shipment profile page opens allowing for full transparency until the job is finished.


Karim Nasser

VP at Globitex with more than 15 years of experience in shipping and transportation in Air, Sea, Land freight, and courier. Now for a couple of years, more into digital freight. I believe in a saying “ in shipping, we deliver hope not only shipments”.