freight courier services

Freight Courier Service

Courier services deliver goods door to door by ground service, assuming standard driving times. Courier companies

provide customized services at practical prices, much more versatile than standard shipping options. These services are chosen over standard mail when the items that need to be delivered need high quality hand-off, with no wiggle room for damage or loss, or have a time sensitivity that requires a speedy delivery. Courier service is used most often for small packages, or documents, but is also more cost effective for heavy or bulk shipments vs. express or overnight shipping.

Courier services include LTL (Less Than Truckload ) shipping, for shipping less than an entire truck load, usually very small freight, as well as FTL (Full Truck Load), which allows you to occupy a full truck load.  LTL is more cost effective as there is an option for freight pooling, or combining deliveries going on similar routes, to reduce costs.

Combining Freight and Courier

While many shipping services offer the option of courier, also known as door-to-door ground service with predictable delivery windows and up-to-the-minute tracking, or freight, which is typically used for heavy or large items but lacks the conveniences of courier shipping, here at Globitex we  combine both into one, easy-to-use service. The secret is our comprehensive ordering and tracking system that never leaves you or your shipment in the dark, and our freight professionals are always here to help you meet your important shipping deadlines and budgets. The best part is that with all the time and money you’ll save with courier freight by Globitex, you’ll be able to ship and do more than you ever thought possible.

Find courier service quotes with assistance from freight experts at Globitex. Receive real-time quotes, competitive pricing, track shipments, and manage all deliveries and shipments in one place, with our easy and seamless technology.

Fast & reliable service guaranteed

Benefits of Using Globitex’s Courier Platform

  • Same day pick-up and delivery.
  • Solution to last-minute delivery need.
  • More cost effective for heavy or bulk shipments vs. express or overnight shipping.
  • Couriers use distance to factor costs, not weight.
  • Pick up delivery on weekends, evenings, holidays, basically 24/7.
  • Ideal for time-sensitive item shipments and delivery, such as perishables, medications, legal process serving, and other critical deliveries.
  • Option for freight pooling.
  • Excellent customer experience with cost-effectiveness and timeliness.

Globitex Courier Services

  • Utilize all types of land transportation.
  • Maintain multiple carriers to ensure best low costs and transit time.
  • Offer move visibility for your shipments.
  • Operate in main and local cities across the world.
  • Guaranteed delivery.
  • Deliver by specific time.
  • Spend less money.
  • Ensure safety of your item/merchandise.
  • Ability to choose options.
  • Receive instant, real-time quotes.
  • Obtain competitive pricing.
  • Optimize routes.
  • Streamlined process.
  • Reliable service.
  • Options based on budget.
  • Options based on handling requirements.
  • Large network of contract carriers.
  • Guidance from our freight professionals.

Plug-in Software

Globitex’s plug-in (or add-on) software enables customization to your existing program. Plug-ins on your freight e-commerce site will give the best price of shipping for customers/end users, without any interference.

Get your business where it needs to go with our courier shipping tools.