At Globitex , we are proud to be making a revolution in our industry. We take pride in the services our innovative platform offers. We want international shipping and logistics companies all over the world to be able to grow their business, and easily manage all aspects of their operations. But we are most satisfied with the skills our clients and employees gain, the open and communicative work atmosphere our service creates, and the shared values we believe in. At Globitex, we simply want to make the world a better place, starting in the workplace between clients and customers.

Our Culture

We are innovative, authentic, reliable and flexible.
We encourage an open environment.
We encourage, respect, appreciate every employee’s ideas.
We look for the best in every one.
We consider our employees our friends.
And we are growing our team, globally.

Join Our Team

Join our friendly, collaborative workspace. Over family of employees, across several continents, all share the Globitex vision. Globitex now supports more than X clients and suppliers in X countries. We’re proud of our work with the freight industry, vow to stay on the forefront of new technological advances and never stop improving our software, and will continue to providing stellar service to our clients. Join our team and share our vision.  Please view our openings below.