Customer Service   Shenzhen, China

Support customer shipping needs by following up closely on import, export and cross trade operational inquiries.




  • Uses diverse methods/tools to keep a track with communications between the company and its agents, vendors and customers
  • 使用各种方法/工具跟踪公司与其代理、供应商和客户之间的通信
  • Review and double check all shipping and commercial documents whenever needed to ensure smooth processing of all jobs.
  • 必要时,审查并再次检查所有装运和商业文件,以确保顺利处理所有工作。
  • Focuses on the need to impress customers and vendors by prompt actions and replies.
  • 关注通过及时的行动和回复给客户和供应商留下深刻印象的需求。
  • Closes profitable business and follows through to ensure related actions are completed on-going focuses on ensuring that each Customer's requirements and issues are correctly identified and addressed.
  • 完成/关闭盈利业务,并确保持续完成相关行动与正确识别和解决每个客户的要求和问题
  • Supports revenue growth, account retention and development by coordinating with sales persons and evaluating potential opportunities/issues to improve sales productivity and performance.
  • 通过与销售人员协调并评估潜在的机会/问题以提高销售效率和绩效,从而支持收入增长,帐户保留和开发。



  • Develops and maintains effective professional relationships that facilitate cooperation and trust, and present the company in best image in front of overseas agents, vendors, carriers and customers.
  • 发展和维护能促进合作和信任的有效专业关系,在海外代理商、供应商、运营商和客户面前展现公司的最佳形象
  • Uses effective processes and techniques to negotiate best contracts with carriers and vendors, whilst providing the most effective solution for the Customer's.
  • 使用有效的流程和技术与运营商和供应商谈判最佳合同,同时为客户提供最有效的解决方案。
  • Advises on appropriate products and services from the full portfolio using structured techniques to identify and develop revenue growth opportunities  that also add value to the Customer's business.
  • 使用结构化技术从整个产品组合中为适当的产品和服务提供建议,以确定和开发收入增长机会,同时为客户的业务增加价值。
  • Give timely and full transparent updates to sales person and customers to serve the company’s interest.
  • 及时向销售人员和客户提供完全透明的更新,以满足公司的利益。
  • Develops and maintains an extensive network of contacts inside and outside the organization in order to keep updated on relevant internal/external developments.
  • 在组织内外发展和维护广泛的联系网络,以便随时了解相关的内部/外部发展。



  • Develops understanding of each prospective Customer’s business and requirements, whilst establishing effective relationships that reflect outstanding Customer Experience.
  • 了解每个潜在客户的业务和要求,同时建立有效的关系,以反映卓越的客户体验。
  • Provides timely and accurate standard and ad-hoc reports and tailored pieces of communication to Customer Service management, including summarizing challenges, shipment details, business opportunities or threats, new solutions etc.
  • 向客户服务管理部门提供及时、准确的标准和即席报告以及定制的沟通,包括总结挑战、装运详情、业务机会或威胁、新解决方案等。
  • Uses effective methods to implement changes relating to the job by optimizing productivity.
  • 通过采取最有效优化生产力的方法实施与工作相关的变更。





  • Knowledge in customer trends, operational methods and planning.
  • 了解客户趋势、操作方法和计划。
  • Understanding of the requirements of customers to improve customer experience.
  • 了解客户的要求,以改善客户体验。



  • 2 Years of Operational Experience
  • 2年运营经验

Job related Skills


  • Business Knowledge
  • 商业知识
  • Planning and Organizing
  • 规划和组织
  • Customer Relationships and Team Alignments
  • 客户关系和团队协作
  • Operational knowledge
  • 操作知识
  • Vendor management skills
  • 供应商管理技能
  • Maximizes Profitability
  • 最大化盈利能力
  • Reporting and Communication
  • 报告和沟通

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