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Globitex is international, spanning three continents, with more on the immediate horizon. We have moved freight by air, ocean, and land for many brands and corporations, in many regions of the world. Through our presence in these three continents, we are capable of serving all countries within these continents.

Globitex has been revolutionizing the freight industry. We are pioneers, offering a full-service air, land, sea and courier freight forwarding service. We provide this to you through a technologically advanced platform with powerful software. We offer  freight tools for clients looking for modernized service solutions for their supply chain logistics teams. There is no other company offering Globitex’s real-time quote, payment, shipping, shipment communication, tracking, and data/report generation. We give our clients accountability, reliability, accuracy, peace of mind and control.

At Globitex, we understand your supply chain is unique, and we have created a platform where you can harness the power of Globitex’s tools and use it to book shipments, message suppliers, analyze data, and print reports all in one place. Stop wasting time sending emails and creating spreadsheets from scratch, and focus on growing your business. Globitex offers one platform to manage it all.

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